Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Pockets!

Ages ago I told my friend Sarah that I would make her and her daughter pockets. Sarah is a very talented seamstress, and is planning 18th century attire for her entire family - the kids have many items of clothing already. 

I was glad that I finished the pockets in time for Christmas. The post office typed in the wrong zip code, and sent them on a wild goose-chase before they reached Sarah, but that's beside the point! 

The pocket that Sarah wanted me to copy was one from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It dates from circa 1750, and is a lovely pocket. 

The original pocket, 1750, Metropolitan Museum of Art

As with the pocket I made earlier this year all in blue, if I had chosen to design my own, I would not have chosen the colour scheme. But as I worked on it, I really came to appreciate and love the interesting combinations.  

I drew an interpretation of the pocket, not an exact copy. 

A close-up of the main flower. 

With the pocket for Sarah's daughter, I *did* design one myself. I knew she loved dogs and chickens, so used those. I still wanted it to have an 18th century feeling, though. 

Pinning the binding.

close-up of the dog.

The finished pocket. 

Sarah's pocket completed. 

A close-up of the right-hand side of the pocket. 

It was challenging completing the pockets - mostly because I kept putting them off! But I really enjoyed delving into needlework again. 

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  1. Your embroidery work is so lovely! Thanks for putting so much effort into our fabulous gifts. I can't wait to finish T's 18th cent. shirt so I can sew in the initials patch you made for him. :-D