Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Clothing Collection: 1920s Silk Chevron Dress

Clothing advert from 1928

As a teenager I would visit my sister in upstate/ central New York every year for as long as I could manage. My favourite pastime was haunting the antique and vintage clothing shops of the area (Clinton Street in Binghamton used to have the best shops!). There was a small, run-down village near where we lived with a charming antique store called Extra Buttons. They had a little bit of everything. It was at this shop that I found this fabulous silk 20s dress. 

It's a very simple dress, typical of the boxy silhouette that typifies the 1920s - especially 1925-1930. There are nice little details, however. Some smocking at the shoulders and cuffs, and small buttons, which were once fabric-covered at the hips. 

The smocked sleeves with ties.

A tuck at the shoulder and smocking at the top of the sleeve.

This is an over-the-head dress, but there are snaps at the left shoulder to ease getting it on and off. 

Another wonderful feature of this dress is the pattern of the silk. It's a wild blue and light grey chevron design. 

Quite a large hem!

One of the side metal buttons. It had been covered in the same fabric, but it wore off. 

The other button.

The neck ruffle. 

The full view again. Isn't it a fabulous dress? 


  1. When you show those details it really comes to life. They are, after all, the things that make the difference. One cannot go into a regular store and purchase anything like it today. Thanks!

  2. How interesting! I think that's a fabulous dress, and I bet it looks even better on a person. Very neat details!