Monday, December 28, 2015

1910s Skirt & Blouse

I finished my blouse before finishing my skirt, and it was so thrilling to finally be able to wear them together. The blouse pattern, as I believe I said in a previous post, I got from the lovely Wearing History, and the skirt pattern was an e-pattern I found on Etsy from The Fashion Archaeologist. For an e-pattern, it went together fairly well. I first started using e-patterns when I lived in Glasgow and I didn't want to pay for shipping, but in a way they can be more trouble than they're worth! Paper patterns are so nice. 

I used blouses seen in Downton Abbey and Testament of Youth as inspiration for my 1910s blouse. I had a little trouble with the sleeves - which are often tricky, but the blouse pattern went together quite well. 

Some of the inspiration stills I used.

Trying on my blouse with my corset.

The skirt and blouse together:

I first wore my ensemble on 1st of November.

I had so much trouble with the hem! If my sister Heather hadn't been there to help me, I wouldn't have been able to finish my skirt properly!

Playing badminton with my nieces. I like to tell people that anything is possible in a corset. 

The back of the skirt showing the hidden buttons. 
I had a lot of trouble deciding where to place my buttons, and used this as my inspiration.

Then I narrowed it down to one of these three. 

Covering the buttons in the same fabric as the skirt.

A couple of weeks later I decided where to put the decorative buttons!

The biggest challenge for me with this skirt was the fact that I had to flat-line the material, as the wool/ cotton blend was very thin. I had never done flat-lining before and was afraid that I would ruin the skirt. But luckily it worked out well. It took me much longer to make than I was expecting - as usual - but it went together pretty well and I have been so thrilled with it ever since, and wear it on several occasions. I need a few more blouses now to go with the skirt! 


  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures, and for all the detail. Impressive. Can't wait for more.

  2. I love the button placement! It finishes the skirt so well. Great work!