Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bergére Hat

When I decided, a few months back, that I needed to make a copy of a 1780s dress that my sister Heather and I saw in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, I didn't realise all the work it would entail. Of course, before starting on the dress, I would have to make the proper stays or corset to wear under the dress. As I am sewing those by hand, they are not yet finished. At some point along the way I thought it would be jolly to have a hat as well, and my fancy was taken with the Bergére hat, which was very popular throughout the 18th century.

Susan (1735-1776), Sister of Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, 1st Bt.
Kelmarsh Hall Collection.

Bergére is the French word for shepherdess, and was the inspiration for the hat, emulating the idealised, pastoral look.

British hat of raffia & silk, circa 1760.
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I bought a straw hat and red silk ribbon from Burnley & Trowbridge. I also had some thick cream ribbon from a Ribbon Mill in Greene, New York which I used for trimming. The hat above was my inspiration.

A close-up of my ribbon work.

My completed Bergére Hat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First of the month baking: Rice Pudding

I am well aware that it is not really the first of the month anymore. I apologise profusely! This has been rather a busy and distracting month so far, and this is the first time I've had to try something from my Modern Priscilla cookbook.

This month I thought I'd try rice pudding. I am exceedingly fond of rice pudding, and have met very few I didn't like. 

I had some reservations about the recipe, though, as it required only 4 tablespoons of rice, which didn't seem like very much. However, I followed the recipe (with the exception that I stirred in a bit of vanilla as well. 

How it looked all mixed up and ready to bake. 

The finished product!

 I tried it while it was still warm and it was very delicious! So far these Modern Priscilla recipes are turning out so well!