Monday, May 29, 2017

Kilmory Oib: Part One

Standing in the ruins of the village 

Earlier this month I was able to return to the UK for a two-week trip. It has been almost three years since I graduated from the University of Glasgow, and I missed my home of four years, and all my friends.

I also took the opportunity to travel around to places I'd not managed to see whilst a student. In my last year of uni my father died and I needed to raise money in order to pay for the rest of the school year. I did a Go Fund Me campaign, but I didn't want to ask for too much, so was unable to travel around for research on my dissertation, and I've regretted that since.

My dissertation was on holy wells in Scotland, and one of the places I researched was the deserted village of Kilmory Oib in the lush and beautiful Argyll. There are some signposts, but it was somewhat difficult to find, and would have been impossible to visit without a car.

I was lucky, in my travels this month, that my good friend Rachel (who was my flat mate when I lived in Glasgow) was able to accompany me. The area around Kilmory Oib is so beautiful that I might save the well pictures for a second post!

We walked beside a loch on our way to finding the deserted village. Here I am posing in a kissing gate. Lovely!

There were bluebells everywhere


Approaching the village. 

The ruined 16th century houses