Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Wearing History Edwardian Blouse

Wearing my completed blouse. 

When I determined, about three years ago, to make a 1910s wardrobe, one of the first patterns I used was the Wearing History Edwardian Blouse and Guimpe pattern. I based it off of some blouses seen in season two of Downton Abbey. It was a great pattern to work with.

The first blouse I made, back in 2015. 

Last summer I bought some lovely sheer textured cotton from Renaissance Fabrics, and cut out a new blouse. I got cold feet for some reason, and didn’t work on it right away. In the spring I slowly started work on it. My sister-in-law, who recently took up sewing, had put me to shame with her skill and patience, and I was much more careful with this piece, and corrected every mistake. It was a good lesson to learn, and I think has payed off.

A blouse from circa 1904, Philadelphia Museum. 

Two blouses from Augusta Auctions, 1905-1915. 

Wearing it with the 1910s skirt I made a few years back, and my American Duchess shoes!