Tuesday, August 7, 2018

1910s Lingerie Dress

I just celebrated my birthday, and had decided, a few months ago, when I discovered a beautiful 1910s dress from my favourite Etsy shop (Marybethhale) that I would treat myself to a birthday gift this year (layaway is a dangerous thing!)

I also decided, once I had the dress, that I must do a photo shoot wearing it. My sister Beccah and my sister-in-law April obliged and took these great photos.

This is what was known as a lingerie dress — all white, with embroidery. I’m pretty certain my dress dates from around 1914.

A photo of the poet Edna St Vincent Millay, in 1914. Her lovely linen dress is very similar in style to my lingerie dress. 

We decided to do the photo shoot in the lovely Memory Grove in Salt Lake City, a Park memorialising soldiers who died in the 1st World War. 

Pretending my Kodak Vest Pocket Camera works!