Monday, December 7, 2015

St. John's Site

Our last stop in the St Mary's City was a museum built around an archaeological dig of a 17th century household. Sarah & I were both thrilled by the way the dig and the artefacts were presented. Again, I will be using photos of Sarah's, as my phone was still dead! 

A combination of an exposed excavation, with preserved elements, as well as some rebuilding. I have seen a similar thing in Chester, England, but think this works much better. 

There were lots of information panels, as well as spotlights you could press to highlight a particular area.

Spotlight action.

View of a section.

More spotlight action!

They also had a lot of artefacts on display throughout the building. 

I love domestic objects like these!

Sarah and I really liked this feature in the museum. The front of the cabinet showed the different layers, and the drawers showed what finds were found in each layer. 

They were artistically arranged, which was interesting too!

This was a great last stop in our Historic St Mary's City tour!


  1. I like domestic objects also. This is beautifully arranged, a sort of meticulous care which reflects good things. Wish I could have been with you!

  2. Yay! It's so great to see your post on this. That drawer/layer thing was absolutely brilliant! So glad I was able to share that with you!

  3. It looks fascinating! The Roman villa in Chichester is presented in a similar way.