Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cemetery Tour & Mount Vernon!

I'll write a quick note about the lovely cemetery tour we were able to take in Frederick, Maryland. It was not done for any spooky or scare factor, but as a sort-of history lesson. It was very fascinating and informative. This was the cemetery, as well, where Francis Scott Key was buried. 

I love the ship on this stone!

Shadows cast by the statues on the Francis Scott Key grave. 

There were some wild stories, and some touching ones from the Civil War, where a row of Confederate Soldiers is buried in the back of the cemetery. 

Our next big day out was Mount Vernon! It was so lovely, I was thrilled that we were going. It is a beautiful house, and the famous green room does not disappoint! The furnishings were very nice in all the rooms. The gardens, however, were even more thrilling, and made me wish that I didn't have whatever is opposite of a green thumb! 

A side-view of the house. 

They wer also doing a bit of archaeology while we were there. It was exciting to see the work they were doing - I really wanted to grab a trowel and jump right in. The soil layers were easily visible, and Sarah and I were speculating what they could mean - as it was a garden area, it could be a number of things! 

See that section and the soil layers? 

A friendly sheep - I think he wanted us to feed him! 

We helped him to some plants he couldn't quite reach.

After years of study & forensics they came up with an idea of how George Washington really looked. This is him as a young man. 

Washington at Valley Forge

Washington at his Inauguration 


  1. Yay! That was such a good time and such luck they were doing a dig when we went! That first pink flower - wow! The color is so fantastic on that photo!

  2. Wonderful, exotic pictures, filled with emotion and a sense of the whole of Mt. Vernon. Overwhelming. I don't remember the gardens being this find. I intend to go over this post very slowly after Christmas!