Friday, November 13, 2015

Historic St Mary's City: Tobacco Farm

The outdoor rubbish heap. 

It was interesting to me how compelling I found the tobacco farm to be. Especially as everything in St Mary's City is rebuilt - nothing is extant. Perhaps it was because the farm house reminded me of original buildings I grew to know and love in upstate NY. Perhaps they were just able to recapture the spirit of the place they were trying to portray. 

In the workshop. There were two male guides whose English accents weren't the best, but they still did a good job at playing the part. 

Inside the farmhouse. Lovely!

I loved the exposed beams, the iron chandelier & the painted chest. 

They had a very nice garden as well. 


They also had an interesting Spanish breed of pigs - they looked more like wild boars than the domestic pink pigs one thinks of today. 

It was nice that our visit coincided with the pig feeding. There was a tree on the property - a Medlar tree. Apparently you can't eat them straight off the tree, but must pick them and let them ripen after. I was so intrigued by this tree, and its various uses. We picked up a few of the fruits off the ground to give to the pigs. 

All these photos - and the ones in my next post - are courtesy of my friend Sarah (whose excellent blog, History Preserved, can be found in the above link). My phone died, sadly, so I was unable to take any more pictures at this time. 


  1. Medlar tree! That's what it was! I'm so glad you remembered. :-) Such an interesting fruit. And thanks for the shout out. I'm so happy we were able to go to St. Mary's City. Definitely a highlight of your visit. :-D

  2. I love what I can feel of the spirit of this place. Thanks so much. The pigs -- the gardens. And I love the quiet peace and the sunlight inside the rooms. Seems they've done an excellent job.