Monday, November 2, 2015

Maryland Trip: Historic St Mary's City

Our next adventure took us to Historic St Mary's City. It was quite a long distance, but worth the journey. It is a fascinating site of historical and archaeological value, and I was impressed by their approach to visitors and tourists. 

St Mary's City was an 17th century settlement, and there is an interesting mixture of Native American and European structures, as the Europeans lived in Native dwellings at first when settling in this area.  

A diagram of the ship in which the Europeans came. 

I liked the wee ladies in their 17th century garb. 

Domestic finds. I love these!

There had been excavations on the site from 1971, and all the buildings were rebuilt on original foundations. 

Part of a dig covered up for the season!

This area is part of the Chesapeake Bay, and there was a rebuilt 17th century boat here as well. 

I'll be writing another post about this area, but I was impressed with their way of recreating the past. It felt very natural, and not too manufactured. It fit into the past. 


  1. Lovely photos! You captured St. Mary's very well. :-)

  2. No wonder you were so taken with this area. Please do post even more.

    No wonder you were so taken with this area. Please do post more; it
    seems so well done with a tangible spirit. Thanks!