Tuesday, June 21, 2016

1910s Drawers


There are a couple items from the box I acquired from my friend Tamara Gates which I have not yet highlighted on my blog. One of them is a piece of underclothing. Nothing romantic, like a corset, but drawers - the 1910s version of underpants! 

Every aspect of antique underpinnings is fascinating. And this homely pair is no exception. Every garment has character, and if studied even a little, tells a story. These drawers are well made, from a sturdy, tightly woven cotton that (apart from the stains) has aged well.

These are sturdy, well made closed-drawers. They have stains on them that every woman will recognise. 

These drawers, from a 1919 pattern, look very similar to the pair in my collection.

Hand-sewn buttonhole.

Large side-opening.

Mother of pearl button.

Showing the generous side opening oaf the drawers.

Beautiful crocheted lace at the bottom of the legs.

Best for last! The basting stitches still show and were never pulled out after the legs were sewn to the waistband. I find little details like this fascinating! 

I'm glad to have this piece and to learn so much from it, as I have from the other items in my collection.


  1. How thrilling! Many times the mundane, plain garments were not the ones to survive, because they weren't pretty enough to preserve or they were worn until worn out and turned to rags. I'm so glad you have this treasure to study!

  2. Mother of pearl buttons and lace -- on drawers. Glad your piece made it through time to you -- someone who will understand and value it!