Monday, May 30, 2016

Smooth Sailing 1930s Trousers & 1930s Beach Hat

Two ladies in the 1930s sporting their trousers. 

Although my true love is the 1910s, I've decided that I need to branch out into other decades of the 20th century. One of my sisters is always trying to talk me into wearing trousers more often, and I finally followed her advice and ordered the Smooth Sailing 1930s Sports Togs Pattern from the wonderful Wearing History site. This pattern is wonderful, as it includes a blouse, trousers and shorts. 

What was thrilling to me was the simplicity & ease of the trousers pattern (I'm working on a blouse, but it's early days). I loved sewing them! And not only were they easy to make, but they are superbly comfortable as well!

There is an option of adding a cuff at the bottom, but I decided on a plain hem.

Did I mention how comfy they are?

I got out a vintage 1930s hat that I've had for ages, thinking it would be the perfect hat to go with these trousers. I am just realising, however, that although I got closeups in the hat, I don't have a full-view photo of the hat with the trousers. Silly me! 

I love these sunglasses too - they can sort-of work for 1920s-40s. 

I found out from my fried Sarah that these hats are very rare, and usually not found in good condition. I am lucky to have one! 

I tried to find pictures of hats that might be like mine. Look at those great beach pyjamas! 

I love those sunglasses of Bette Davis's

Look at all those jolly trousers! Plus that yellow hat on the bottom could be like mine, as it has that under-the-chin strap.

The cool thing about the hat is that with a wee twist it folds up. So handy & easy to carry about! 


  1. Pictures in this entry are particularly rich and lovely to look at. I like the poses, as well! Reminds me of the old days. Thanks for the patterns. You always do a good job of comparing and contrasting the "now" with the "then". Keep it up!

  2. Lovely post! Love all the photos!