Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My 1910s Corset!

My completed corset!

After having been bit by the I-need-a-1910s-wardrobe, I thought I'd start with the proper foundation. As I said in my earlier post, I chose a new pattern from the Truly Victorian company and got to work. 

In many ways, this was much easier to make than the previous stays I'd sewn, the major reason being that it only required one layer of fabric! The other two stays patterns I used (one for the Regency period, and my 18th century ones I finished a few months ago) called for three layers of fabric, as well as boning! 

Another reason that this was easier is that I could use the sewing machine! 

Despite these advantages, time and my inability to count kept getting in my way. First it was not enough bones. Then I got the grommet count wrong! Haha! But last night, I finally finished them, lace and all! 

Figuring out this step was quite tricky! But the woman who runs Truly Victorian is very approachable. I phoned her with a couple of questions and she was very nice & helpful both times. 

The corset coming together!

Trying it on before adding the grommets. 

Another interesting thing about this 1910s corset is peoples reaction to it - while it was in the making, and once it was complete. Somehow my 18th century stays were interesting. But this *corset* was sexy. Is it just the name? Or is it because it looks more modern, and people can relate to it more? Food for thought! I'm just as covered - or uncovered - in this as I am in any of my other historical stays. 

A close-up of the front.

Side view.

The back.

Ooh la la! 


  1. See why women needed help dressing? lt would be impossible to lace up a corset properly by oneself! l remember my Welsh granny saying she was so happy to throw out her whale-boned corsets!

  2. That being said, it is lovely and l want one! Beautiful job!

  3. It IS sexy. Something about it. Seems more fitted as well. And you did a really beautiful job. No small accomplishment! Thanks for all the photos.

  4. I think this turned out stunning! Well, done, Mairi! Truly fantastic. I can see your corset-making skills improving a lot! I think this one fits the best out of your other ones. :-)