Thursday, August 27, 2015

Progress Report

I've been seriously bitten by the sewing bug these past few weeks. Usually I attempt to divide my free time between sewing and writing, but since seeing the film Testament of Youth, I have been inspired to create a 1910s autumn/ winter wardrobe for myself. I wrote a post on the Rag Trade Sisters blog about the excellent costuming done for that film.

I selected several patterns, most of which are from the excellent Wearing History. I chose a skirt pattern from The Fashion Archaeologist as well. 

The lovely patterns I selected - some of which I already had before this project seized me!

But before I could begin sewing any blouses or skirts, I had to begin with the proper corset, which I chose from Truly Victorian, who had recently added a 1910s corset to their collection. 

I was very surprised by how different this corset pattern is to the other corsets/ stays I have made. I have made Regency short stays, and 18th century stays, but I have never ventured with anything this modern. 

Pinning the pattern pieces.

I was able to sew several parts of the corset together, but had to break while waiting for the proper boning to come in the post. But I look forward to finishing this corset in the next week or two. 

A glimpse of how the corset might look when completed! 

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