Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First of the month baking: Rice Pudding

I am well aware that it is not really the first of the month anymore. I apologise profusely! This has been rather a busy and distracting month so far, and this is the first time I've had to try something from my Modern Priscilla cookbook.

This month I thought I'd try rice pudding. I am exceedingly fond of rice pudding, and have met very few I didn't like. 

I had some reservations about the recipe, though, as it required only 4 tablespoons of rice, which didn't seem like very much. However, I followed the recipe (with the exception that I stirred in a bit of vanilla as well. 

How it looked all mixed up and ready to bake. 

The finished product!

 I tried it while it was still warm and it was very delicious! So far these Modern Priscilla recipes are turning out so well!   


  1. I'd like to try both of these, especially since I do like rice pudding!
    Amazing how well these old receipts play out!


  2. Mmmm! Rice pudding! I'm so glad you trusted in the recipe. I found in my own experiments that many old recipes just surprise me in how good and well-thought out they are, even if they seem strange or odd to our modern sensibilities.