Friday, November 23, 2018

WWI Centenary: Armistice Blouse

I had every intention this month, of being involved in all the WWI commemoration going on around the 11th. However, packing and preparing to move (and doing so on the 10th) proved to be more distracting than I had anticipated.

Surprisingly, though, and much to my delight, I was able to make a commemorative ‘Armistice Blouse’ in time to wear on the 11th of November itself! I used a simple pattern from Truly Victorian and embroidered the front panel with white poppies, inspired by a circa 1920s apron my sister Morag gave me for my birthday. The blouse is a little loose in the shoulders, and I hope eventually to make a guimpe to wear beneath it, but on the whole I’m very pleased with it. Here are some photos of the blouse!

A close-up of the embroidery. 

Showing off my gorgeous Royal Vintage shoes which I wore with my outfit. 

I made the skirt as well, a few years back, and the belt buckle is Edwardian, with vintage ribbon. 

The vintage hat I bought in Glasgow. 


  1. Nice pictures. The Hat makes this an entire outfit with a flair that wouldn't be there without it. The embroidered poppies need a close-up shot of their own. Impressive! Thanks!


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