Monday, July 24, 2017

Late 1930s Dress

It seems a long time since I've completed any sewing projects, and it's been so satisfying to finally get something done!

Last year, a friend of my sister's was getting rid of a large amount of her vintage pattern collection, and although I favour the 1910s, I acquired quite a few patterns from the 1930s through the 1950s. A few months ago I decided to go through my stash and try out this charming dress (seen above) from the late 1930s. 

I've been a little baffled by vintage patterns, and their sizing. I've finally realised that the bust measurements must have been taken under the bust (like bra sizing), and not across the bust as I'd always assumed

Otherwise the pattern was pretty simple to put together, and is a very comfortable and pretty dress. I decided to simplify the trimming, and only used the white pleated ribbon on the neckline. I also modified the sleeves. I shortened them, and made an inverted pleat instead of gathers. 

A view of the shorter, simplified sleeves. 

The completed dress!

A close-up of the neckline. 


  1. What a sweet dress! I love these photos of you! You need to do a photo shoot with this one. :) Fantastic job!! Love that trim!

  2. Lovely, Mairi. And so much more stunning in real life. All the details were nigh onto perfect in this. You are an amazement, and look alive, enchanting, vivacious. Rather puts the rest of us to shame, but keep up the good work!