Thursday, April 7, 2016

1910s Skirt & Blouse

Skirts & blouses from 1916

Back in February I finished my second 1910s skirt and blouse. The skirt was quite different from my first one (with all the buttons), as it was dated around 1916, four years later. And the silhouette of the 1910s changes drastically within the decade. 

I used the wonderful Wearing History patterns for both the skirt and the blouse. The skirt is part of the 1910s suit pattern - I'll get around to the jacket one of these days! 

It has, surprisingly, taken me nearly two months to photograph my new ensemble. As I've lost some weight in the past few months, my 1910s corset no longer fits me! I had to use my Regency long stays to pose in. I guess I have some alterations to do now!!!

Oh, no! I need a petticoat under this skirt!

I love the soft, olive green of the skirt. It gives it a sort-of military/ WW1 look which I like. So far, both the wools I've used for my 1910s skirts have been from the excellent Burnley & Trowbridge, which I highly recommend!

The blouse pattern was a little bit tricky, but came together nicely. The skirt was fairly simple, and I love them both! As it's a thick wool, though, I think I'll be putting it away till the cooler weather of the autumn comes back. 


  1. Looks fantastic! I really like this skirt!! Well done!!

  2. You look amazing! I love the whole outfit. The blouse is lovely and I also love the military look of that olive wool. I think the skirt turned out great. Hooray for buttons! ;-)