Monday, March 2, 2015

First of the month Baking: Lyonaisse Eggs

I thought I would try something savoury this month. Also I wanted to make something with things we had on hand. So I ended up trying Lyonaisse eggs.

Once again the recipe was very simple. I wasn't too sure what Lyonaisse eggs were, however, so I wasn't really sure how this dish was supposed to turn out. It called for 6 eggs originally, but I only did 3, as I thought I'd try it for lunch, and I certainly didn't need to eat 6 eggs!

The recipe

How it looked after I'd put the white sauce in the dish and added the eggs. 

How it looked fresh out of the oven. 

When I pulled it out, the white sauce didn't seem to have thickened much, and the eggs were still quite runny, so I left it in for another five minutes. This seemed to be good, and the eggs were like poached or soft-boiled eggs. The dish was interesting - I liked it but I'm not sure if I loved it. I'm not really sure if I baked it right, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Not terribly picturesque, but this is how it looked when I dished it out. 


  1. You did a good job. But the egg is still too "undone" for my tastes. However, I admire your fortitude and innovation!

  2. It sounds kind of disgusting! But it actually looks good :)