Saturday, September 14, 2019

1910S Fashion My Style

For many years I've been intrigued by the history and literature of the 1910s. A few years back I started sewing my own clothing from that decade as well, and there are many wonderful pattern companies right now that offer either original patterns or ones inspired by the Edwardian era. 

A blouse & skirt made from 1910s patterns.
I have used patterns from Past Patterns, Ageless Patterns, Wearing History Patterns & Fashion Archaeologist (all available online and/ or on Etsy). 

At first, when re-creating these 1910s clothing, it was very important to me to look just right, and I made myself a 1910s corset (two actually, one from a Truly Victorian pattern & one from Scroop patterns). 

The first over-bust corset I made from Truly Victorian patterns

My second under-bust corset made from Scroop Patterns
I discovered, however, that one of the things I liked about 1910s clothes, at least the ones I was making (simple dresses, skirts & blouses) was how versatile they were, and fun to pair with modern clothing. 

Wearing 1910s clothing with a corset
An original 1910s dress worn with my under-bust corset
While it is fun (and actually pretty comfortable) to wear everything authentically with corset and all, I really enjoy being able to wear my skirts and blouses with modern pieces of clothing - and modern underclothing. While a 1910s corset isn't uncomfortable, it is a little stiff, and not practical for everyday use. 

Wearing a 1910s skirt with a modern blouse & cardigan (and lovely hat knitted by my friend) 
Another example of a 1910s skirt with modern clothing & accessories. So comfortable and versatile! 

I guess the purpose of this post is just to say that while it is fun and exciting to do things properly & accurately, it's also nice to be able to use historical clothing everyday and to be able to enjoy it in a casual way, not just when dressing-up. There is no right way to do vintage/ historical clothing, and I'm glad I've found an enjoyable way to wear my 1910s clothing. 

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  1. Love all these pictures of you, especially against the memorial! I really look up to you mixing you-made historical clothing with modern stuff. It's so inspiring!